Four Great Reasons to Choose the Inlet Inn

The Inlet Inn’s Queen Street Sign

First, a disclaimer…this is another from-the-heart review. We have not received any compensation from the Inlet Inn.

As we have said before, staying in downtown Beaufort will lower your stress by limiting your accommodation choices. If you are staying in the historic district of Beaufort you can rent a house or condo, you can stay in a Bed & Breakfast, you can choose the Beaufort Inn, or you can stay at the Inlet Inn.

Our current favorite is the Inlet Inn. It has become our home away from home in Beaufort.

This review will give you four reasons why.

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Three ways that staying in downtown Beaufort will help you relax!

When visiting Beaufort for a few days or more, the first question to ask yourself is, “where should I stay?”

Stay downtown.

Beaufort has a historic and commercial district near the water that we simply refer to as “downtown.” In many, many situations (though not every situation), staying in this area is the way to go.

Making the decision to stay downtown will make your life easier in three specific ways, all of which should help you get in more of what we are looking for at Bringing Home Beaufort – leisure.

1. Limited options & choices

Limited options and choices sound negative – ignore that sound, limits are a positive thing.

Too many options and choices often lead to excess time devoted to decision making. Limit options and you spend more time at leisure and less time stressing about decisions.

The first way staying downtown will help you is that it will limit your choices – fewer options means less time engaged in decision making and more time for leisure.

Beaufort has only two hotels downtown – the Beaufort Inn and the Inlet Inn.

The Beaufort Inn is located at the very west end of Ann Street

The Inlet Inn is located at the corner of Front and Queen Streets

I have stayed at both many times and love them, though each is a distinct experience. We will give you detailed reviews of both in the future. But if you are staying in a hotel downtown you have to pick one or the other (Beaufort does have a few B&Bs and many houses to rent but we will deal with them in future posts – we’ll stick to the hotels now).

Limit your choices; stay downtown.

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