A Rainy Saturday Gift Idea…

December 14, 2013

What to do on a cold, rainy, Saturday afternoon when you can’t be in Beaufort enjoying the deals at Front Street Grill’s last day of the 2013 season?

Seems like the perfect time to test drive my new Carolina Shuckers’ oyster knife.

knifeoy590The new knife along side some Chadwick Creek oysters from Locals Seafood

A few weeks ago I finally purchased the Carolina Shuckers’ Ole Big Boy oyster knife that I had had my eye on for some time. Until today I hadn’t had the chance to put it to work other than as a bottle opener:

IMG_3928-1Preparing to rip the top off a Corona Light!

…a task the knife handles with ease. It has become my new favorite bottle opener!

As we’ve said in the past both here and here, eating fresh North Carolina seafood is one of the best ways to Bring Home Beaufort. [Read more...]

Could Oysters Save the World?!


Could oysters save the world?

How’s that for a provocative title?

I love oysters – raw, lightly steamed, fried, stewed, just about any way possible. Because we couldn’t be in Beaufort this weekend, and it was a beautiful cloudless blue sky fall day, we set up in our own backyard with some fresh, right out of the water, North Carolina oysters.

We brought home a little Beaufort with own little family backyard oyster roast. [Read more...]

3 Ways to Bring Home Amazing Beaufort Seafood

Just yesterday, the 2013 North Carolina Seafood Festival concluded across the water from Beaufort in Morehead City, North Carolina.

SoftshelllocalsNorth Carolina Soft Shell Crabs from Locals Seafood

A few weeks ago we wrote about 10 Ways to Bring Beaufort Home.

Number 2 on that list was one of the best ways we know to Bring a little Beaufort Home – eat great food no matter where you are. For any Beaufort lover, great food just has to include fresh North Carolina seafood. That’s just the kind of food that was celebrated during the seafood festival and the kind of food that is plentiful in Beaufort. [Read more...]

10 Ways to Bring Beaufort Home

Just a few more days of summer left.

We’ve had a busy one (as you can tell from our less than frequent posts), but we’re looking forward to our favorite time of year in Beaufort.

From late September into October and November the crowds thin, the prices come down a bit, the weather is often wonderful, the water warm, the fishing great…what else can we say?!


Note the clear weather and the shorts in the photo…that’s the second weekend of November, 2012!

Fall is simply one of the best times to visit Beaufort.

But…there’s always a but.

What happens if you can’t spend as much time as you’d like in Beaufort? [Read more...]

Three Great Reasons to Enjoy Soft Shell Crab, Today!


June 5, 2013

The photo above is the fried soft shell crab appetizer from the Blue Moon Bistro – a simple but deliciously amazing dish. We sent some friends to Beaufort for the weekend not long ago and insisted that they try Blue Moon. They said they were a little hesitant as they wanted to spend as much time as possible sitting by the water. One taste of this dish, however, and they were hooked on Blue Moon – ah, the power of the soft shell crab.

There are so many reasons to love the soft shell crab – and we’ll detail three for you below – but, there’s also one good reason not to enjoy it…let’s dispense with that one first: [Read more...]