Walking Around Beaufort…Route 1


Beaufort is a pedestrian-friendly town.

Beaufort is probably one of the most pedestrian-friendly towns anywhere in the state of North Carolina.

If you are visiting and staying in Beaufort, you can drive into town, park, and never get back into the car until you have to leave. Everything you need to enjoy your visit is available via a short walk.

Walking will slow you down, lower your stress, and help you get back in touch with leisure.

The ability to park and never get back in the car for an entire trip was one of the things that made Beaufort a perfect spot for us to relax. Staying out of the car and out of Carteret County tourist traffic (which can get sticky at times, especially during the summer) will make your trip to the area significantly more relaxing!

While you can just set off strolling in Beaufort and be perfectly fine, having some direction can help you see the best of Beaufort in short order.

That’s why we are beginning a series - Walking Around Beaufort. We’ll be detailing the best routes to walk and enjoy all Beaufort has to offer. This is our first Walking Around Beaufort route. Use it as a guide for a leisurely stroll or a route for a run, or just enjoy the photos.

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