5 Great Beaufort Websites!


February 9, 2013

The Beaufort, North Carolina online world seems to grow everyday. Social media, business sites, government agencies, travel sites, and traditional blogs all make a strong showing.

Enjoying these sites is a wonderful way to Bring Home a little Beaufort!

Because there are so many great sites, we’re going to start featuring a few every so often on Bringing Home Beaufort. So if you don’t see you own or your favorite, just give us a little time and we’ll feature it soon.

Today we’re starting with a list of five (in no particular order).

The first is the Beaufort town government’s own site.

Unlike many government run sites, this one is easy to use, very clean, and comes with some great photos in the homepage slider.

Beaufort town sitewww.beaufortnc.org

The site also includes the text of Charles Paul’s Colonial Beaufort: The History of a North Carolina Town, which will give you some great information on Beaufort’s past.

For our second site today, we’ll venture into social media and feature Historic Beaufort, NC’s Pinterest page.

Historic Beaufortncwww.pinterest.com/ncbeaufort

They have a great selection of photos.

Our favorites have to be the sunsets!

Our third site belongs to the Rachel Carson Reserve, and it is run by the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Rachel carsonportal.ncdenr.org/web/crp/rachel-carson

Along with Taylor’s Creek, the Rachel Carson Reserve is the most prominent physical feature along Beaufort waterfront, and this site is the place to go for information on the reserve and its famous wild horses.

Check out the pdf brochure for a take away – the map is particularly helpful.

A trip to Beaufort is never complete without a visit to some of the wonderful restaurants and bars!

The fourth site today belongs to Blue Moon Bistro, and it has to be one of the best looking Beaufort sites on the web.

blue moonwww.bluemoonbistro.biz/index.html

Doesn’t it look great? The slider changes photos every few seconds. And don’t miss the gallery link. It will take you to a collection of mouth-watering food photos.

Enjoy the photos and then get yourself over to Queen Street and enjoy the real thing!

Last, but not at all least is Front Street Grill at Stillwater’s site. It has to be the most fun of all the Beaufort sites.


Why is it the most fun? Just click on the video embedded into the home page and you’ll be treated to a smooth steel drum band.

Give it a listen and you’ll quickly be in a Beaufort frame of mind. Along with some photos to set off the music, you’ll be headed west on Front Street for a drink and a sunset at the Rhum Bar!

Thanks, y’all, enjoy the sites, and stay tuned for more soon!

And never forget to:

Relax…you CAN get to Beaufort from here!

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