The More Beaufort Changes…

Beaufort is a North Carolina constant.

It has a long, deep past, and thankfully seems to be headed for a bright future. That said, things are changing. If you’re visiting Beaufort soon after an absence of 6 months or more, you’ll have some new sites to see.

What’s new in Beaufort?

Things like…

IMG_5224-590Roses, with the Carteret Academy in the background

It is springtime, and Beaufort seems to be covered in roses!

Up and down the boardwalk and Front Street, roses are the theme of the day. They won’t last forever though, so don’t miss them.

Get yourself to Beaufort, soon!

IMG_5209-590Beaufort’s new street signs

If you’ve not been to Beaufort in a bit, you’ll be pleased with the new street signs.

The historic district has all new signs marking all the familiar streets. Here are a few shots of signs coming up earlier this year.

IMG_5146-590The Duncan House at the western most end of Front Street

If you’ll remember a few years ago, the future of the Duncan House was in question.

Today the Duncan House sits in the same spot, a regal, but altogether normal, private residence.

The house appears to be safe for some time to come. Don’t be afraid to stroll by, have a seat on the bench adjacent to the small traffic circle at the west end of Front Street, and enjoy the view that the successive owners of the Duncan House have enjoyed for two centuries.

Here’s to two centuries more!


IMG_5102-590The Cedars Inn as it stands today

While not brand new this year, the current Cedars Inn & Restaurant is coming into full swing for its 2014 season.

Give it a try on your next visit.

IMG_5098-590Coming soon, the Front Street Inn

Beaufort’s newest accommodations, the Front Street Inn, will open this summer right beside the Cedars Inn. In fact, both buildings were once part of the original Cedars Inn that closed some years ago.

IMG_5060-590Spring flowers along the boardwalk

More springtime flowers in Beaufort, but notice the tip of the boat on the right.

It’s the Fritha.


The Fritha has wintered in Beaufort before, but she’s still with us in May.

She makes a great addition to the docks, and we hope she’ll be here a while longer!

IMG_5187-590A warning at Fisherman’s Park

New signs have appeared in Beaufort’s waterfront parks…it looks like the town officials may be serious about those stickers!

IMG_5196-590Small boats lined up at Fisherman’s Park

IMG_5217-590The new ferry service to Shackleford Banks

The newest – and by far the most significant – change that has come to Beaufort recently is the new ferry service to Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout. Improvements have been made to the Grayden Paul park dock and Island Ferry Express Service is now operating.

IMG_5158-590The improved dock

While it’s sad to think of the Carteret County small businesses that were shut down because of the change made by the federal government, the new service is now in place and at least one of the earlier ferry services is still operating as Island Ferry Adventures and still leaving from the familiar spot on the far east end of the Boardwalk. They have a nice looking new website…check them out!

The Park Service and the Town also added a few informational plaques near the Park:




The Park Service has also opened a visitor center on the east side of Town Hall.

And like we’ve discussed on Facebook a bit, Beaufort will now be charging visitors to park along Front Street.

See here for details from the Town’s official website.

Things are changing – some great, some less so – but Beaufort is still Beaufort, one of the best spots on earth.

So, don’t forget to:

Relax…you CAN get to Beaufort from here!

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