Easter Morning at the Old Burying Ground


If you wander along the north side of Ann Street between Turner and Craven Streets, tucked between the Methodist and Baptist churches you’ll see an iron and masonry fence and gate.

Behind that fence is Beaufort’s Old Burying Ground, a cemetery that dates back to the 18th Century.


The Old Burying Ground is owned by the town of Beaufort and administered by the Beaufort Historic Association.

Learn all the details in the Association’s brochure.


Mary Warshaw’s site is also a good resource for information on the Old Burying Ground.


These shots were taken just after sunrise a few years ago on Easter Sunday.

I was alone.

The light was perfect, the ground was quiet, and the symbolism of being in an old cemetery on Easter morning was profound.


The live oaks and the azaleas add to the beauty and the mystery of the Old Burying Ground.

If you’re visiting don’t forget to look up into the twists and curves of the oaks.



Beaufort may be in for a cloudy and rainy Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday this year. But, the Old Burying Ground has been with us for a while and will be there when the rain stops.

Drop by and enjoy it while the azaleas are still blooming.

If the weather clears up, drag the kids out to the docks for a few Easter photos.


You’ll be glad you did!


If they behave, that is!

Visit the Old Burying Ground soon, and don’t forget to:

Relax…you CAN get to Beaufort from here!






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