Fish for free: Three great spots to fish near Beaufort!

Showing his sister how to fish at Fort Macon

In our last fishing post, we detailed three easy steps to get started fishing around Beaufort. In this post, we will give you three great spots around Beaufort to enjoy fishing.

We’re assuming that you are relatively new to fishing, don’t have access to a boat, and aren’t interested in spending money on a charter right now.

You can spend tons of money fishing, but once you have bait and tackle, plenty of spots in close proximity to Beaufort can be fished for free. Using light tackle, anyone can drop a line in Taylor’s Creek off the dock at the Grayden Paul Town Park (just east of the docks on Front Street).

With just a short drive though, there are a few places where you can really take your fishing to the next level.

First is our favorite, the Fort Macon State Park.

Sisters fishing in the surf just east of Fort Macon

Fort Macon is a 15 minute or less drive from Beaufort. As well as the Fort and adjacent grounds, the park includes a long stretch of beach from an old stone jetty east around the west side of Beaufort Inlet. From the same jetty going west is a beautiful beach on the ocean side that stretches to park’s boundary, beyond which is the town of Atlantic Beach.

Just inside that boundary is a bath house with bathrooms and outside showers along with a large parking area. After parking, head out from the lot onto the beach going east (or left facing the water). There are a few rocks along the beach near the parking lot. This is a great place to surf fish where you can catch anything from bluefish to northern puffers.

Fishing near some rocks from an old jetty near Fort Macon

If the beach is crowded, keep heading east toward the inlet. You will see Shackleford Banks across the inlet. It’s a little less than a mile from the bath house to the jetties, and the crowd will thin quickly as you move east. Once the crowd thins, pick a spot, bait your hooks and get to fishing.

If the fish aren’t biting, the beach and the views are wonderful.

Second, is Radio Island Beach Access.

Radio Island is just east of Beaufort with easy access off of Highway 70 (Cedar Street in Beaufort and Arendell Street in Morehead City). Take a left off 70 onto Radio Island Road, and then another left onto Marine Road. After a little less than a half a mile take the second left just past the road to the Old Towne Yacht Club.

There’s a decent parking lot and bathrooms. Head out to the beach and start fishing. It’s normally not crowded except on the weekends.

Third, is the Newport River Pier.

If you’d like to try pier fishing, Morehead City’s Newport River Fishing Pier is on what is essentially part of Radio Island. Just take a right off of 70 from Beaufort (instead of a left on Radio Island Road) onto a short drive that leads to the parking lot. Go early though, as the pier tends to fill up quickly when the weather is good.

Enjoy some fishing and then head back to Beaufort for a drink, and to catch the sunset.

Click here for a map!

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