How to find the best shells!

Her first whole sand dollar (of course she dropped and broke it just a few minutes later)

You can find amazing shells on the barrier islands around Beaufort – especially Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout.

What is the best strategy for finding those wonderful shells?

Know the tides.

We have had the best luck around low tide, and we recommend the following website for tracking the tides:

This site is very basic but totally comprehensive and gives the current tide information as well as the phases of the moon in a clear and easy to read fashion.

It is not particularly pretty, but it relays the information that counts.  The link above is for Fort Macon, but the times will be right within a few minutes for the areas around Beaufort. So, time your trips to Shackleford or Lookout based on the tides and find the best shells. Remember, low tide.

Also, know when the full moon is coming around and stay up late or get up early for a real treat.

A recent full moon setting over Taylor’s Creek

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