Looking Over Gallant’s Channel


Gallant’s Channel is the strip of water that essentially forms Beaufort’s western border.

If you’ve ever driven into town from the west, you’ve driven right over it, and if you’ve ever stayed a few nights at the Beaufort Inn, you have likely gotten to know Gallant’s Channel well.

As the shot above shows, the sunsets looking west over the Channel can be dramatic. This one was taken from a rocking chair on the balcony of one of the Beaufort Inn’s water-facing rooms.

Not a bad place to catch a sunset, is it?

We’ll limit our comments here and let the Channel speak for itself:

brindge590The drawbridge over Gallant’s Channel fully opened

IMG_3176-1The Beaufort Oars rowing on the Channel

IMG_3238-1Fishing boats docked along the Channel

IMG_3201-1The drawbridge closing on a cloudy day

IMG_3134-1The bridge to Piver’s Island

IMG_3411-1Pine at the west end of Front Street looking across the Channel

IMG_3412-1Looking across the Channel from the west end of Front Street


Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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