How You Can Support Beaufort’s Fishermen!


For those of us leisure travelers to Beaufort, it’s easy to forget that the surrounding waters are an economic driver – really the economic driver – for Beaufort and Carteret County.

Seeing all the commercial fishing boats around Beaufort should be a good reminder.


So many of these vessels are handsome ships with classic lines, some designs unique to the area.

IMG_2469-900A cloudy day at the corner of Moore and Front Streets

For Beaufort residents these are familiar sights.

For travelers and visitors, like us, after just a few trips to Beaufort you’ll look forward to seeing the same boats visit after visit.

You’ll even come to call some by name.


Enjoying boat watching is one thing, but how can you really support Beaufort’s fishermen and all of the North Carolina seafood industry?

It’s simple, buy and eat North Carolina seafood!

Make sure you know where your seafood was caught. Even better, find out who caught it before you eat it! If you’re in Beaufort or Carteret County that’s easy.

IMG_4819-900Heading east on Taylor’s Creek

What do you do if you’re a visitor, though? 

How do you find North Carolina seafood caught by North Carolina fishermen?

It’s been hard in the past, but it is getting easier every year.

Seek out and support businesses and organizations like Walking Fish CSF, Core Sound Seafood CSF, and Locals Seafood 


What’s a CSF?

It’s short for community supported fishery, and it’s a method of supporting local economies and getting excellent seafood to customers.


Bringing Home Beaufort has given us a chance to learn much about the North Carolina seafood industry, and it has also given us the chance (or rather, the excuse) to enjoy North Carolina seafood more and more.

Check out some shots of goodies we’ve enjoyed in recent months. All purchased from Locals Seafood at the farmers’ markets around the Triangle.

Locals gets all of their seafood from North Carolina fishermen, and not a little bit from folk around Beaufort!

IMG_4484-900Black sea bass steamed with some ginger

IMG_4485-900Triggerfish poached in soy sauce

IMG_7124-1Marinated bluefish wrapped in bacon and grilled

IMG_7135-900Bluefin tuna (yes, Atlantic bluefin!) that was so good we couldn’t bring ourselves to cook it and had it sashimi-style!

IMG_4533-900And who can resist an oyster shooter made with fresh Chadwick Creek oysters!

 When you’re in Beaufort, enjoy some boat-watching!


And when you’re not, enjoy some North Carolina seafood, and don’t forget to:

Relax…you CAN get to Beaufort from here!





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    Great website, Ex comm fisherman Had many trawlers over 40 years in the bus. Recently published memoirs on Createspace, {‘I Never Met A Boat I Didn’t Love”[ In retirement cruised over 30,000 miles on old restored CC. One year made a crab-cake comparison from Key West to Cape Cod. One of our favorite ports of call won in spades, Bigger/Better Gus

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