The Beaufort Accommodations Guide – A Quick Introduction


For several years now, we’ve been researching and gathering information to compile into a comprehensive Beaufort travel guide.

2014 is going to be the year when we start pulling it all together. Look for future travel-guide-type posts in the weeks and months to come as we sort through our notes on the town we all love.

Our first collection of posts begins today – a quick intro to Beaufort’s available accommodations.

Beaufort has a special collection of places to spend a night. That special collection is one of the things that gives Beaufort its unique feel.

Beaufort’s accommodations are small and locally owned – no cookie-cutter franchised motels for Beaufort!

IMG_3026-1Sunset from one of Beaufort’s small hotels, the Beaufort Inn

From Cedar Street to Taylor’s Creek, from Gallant’s Channel to the very east end of Front Street, Beaufort lacks that thing that makes so many of this country’s cities and towns look exactly alike – big box commerical development.

Beaufort has absolutely NO chain motels/hotels in the historic waterfront area!

What does Beaufort have for the overnight visitor?

You have three choices:

1. Small hotels – you have three options, 2 on the water and one just across Cedar Street, but still walkable to the waterfront

2. Bed and Breakfasts and Small Inns – Beaufort has many Bed and Breakfasts and several of what we are catergorizing as small inns of less than 10 rooms

3. Vacation Rentals – there are many wonderful homes around the histroic district that are offered for rent to visitors – the number is always changing as homes are bought and sold

We’ll have three more posts on Beaufort accomodations, featuring each of the accomodation types.

When we’re finished, we’ll combine them all in an ebook, and provide a few other resources for sorting through your choices.

Stay tuned, and remember to:

Relax…you CAN get to Beaufort from here (and spend the night)!

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