Three Great Reasons to Enjoy Soft Shell Crab, Today!


June 5, 2013

The photo above is the fried soft shell crab appetizer from the Blue Moon Bistro – a simple but deliciously amazing dish. We sent some friends to Beaufort for the weekend not long ago and insisted that they try Blue Moon. They said they were a little hesitant as they wanted to spend as much time as possible sitting by the water. One taste of this dish, however, and they were hooked on Blue Moon – ah, the power of the soft shell crab.

There are so many reasons to love the soft shell crab – and we’ll detail three for you below – but, there’s also one good reason not to enjoy it…let’s dispense with that one first: [Read more...]

Why you should eat at Old Salt Restaurant & Oyster Bar the next time you’re in Beaufort


Old Salt (Facebook) is one of Beaufort’s newest restaurants. It opened in 2012 in the space that was once a Beaufort classic, the Net House, at 133 Turner Street.

I ate at the Net House with a group of friends on a Saturday night in late May 1989. We were all somewhere between 18 and 24 years old. We were all fit. We were all tan. We had the perfect mix of boys and girls.

We spent the day on the beach. I can’t seem to recall which beach exactly, though I do seem to remember a boat ride. So, it must have been at Shackleford Banks.

Needless to say, we had had several beers that afternoon.

We were staying at a friend’s house in Morehead City, but we all were Beaufort fans and decided to take several cabs into Beaufort for supper.

The Net House was not exactly fine dining, but the fried seafood was great, the domestic drafts were cold, it was familiar and comfortable. That Saturday night in 1989 we got a table for 10. It was easy.

For years, the Net House served a stuffed soft shell crab entrée that was my favorite.

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Friday Fish Belts – Stillwater Storm!

The makings of a Stillwater Storm, fish-belted

Like many places, Beaufort has a collective sense of style.

That style shows in the historic district homes – the prevalence of white, the front porches, the short fences. It shows in the boats along the waterfront, as well as in the way people dress.

Seeing folks in formal wear headed to or from a wedding is not an unusual sight on a summer evening, but Beaufort is a casual town. Casual does not mean sloppy or plain though, and Beaufort style might be characterized as some combination of preppy-nautical-outdoorsy-southern.

I thought it might be fun to combine Beaufort style with one of Beaufort’s other distinctive features – excellent food & drink…in this case, drink.

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Don’t eat out in Beaufort, NC until you read this review!

Beaufort, NC has enough amazing restaurants to keep you well-fed for days on end. We have links to many of them on our Eat & Drink links page.

But, if you are a first time visitor to Beaufort, where do you start?

Start with the best.

Start with the Blue Moon Bistro.

A little disclaimer – Blue Moon has not paid us a dime. We love the place. We have eaten at Blue Moon dozens if not hundreds of times and have never, ever had a less than top-notch meal and experience. That said, if they ever wanted to pay us, we would definitely barter for food over cash!

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