Three quick, easy, and inexpensive steps to start fishing in Beaufort!

For many folks around Beaufort and Carteret County, fishing is work. But, for those of us who visit, fishing is sport, and more importantly, fishing is leisure.

Our three crumb-grabbers fishing at Fort Macon…

Until this past spring we had not fished much for 15 years. We started back recently, and we have had a ball.

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Don’t eat out in Beaufort, NC until you read this review!

Beaufort, NC has enough amazing restaurants to keep you well-fed for days on end. We have links to many of them on our Eat & Drink links page.

But, if you are a first time visitor to Beaufort, where do you start?

Start with the best.

Start with the Blue Moon Bistro.

A little disclaimer – Blue Moon has not paid us a dime. We love the place. We have eaten at Blue Moon dozens if not hundreds of times and have never, ever had a less than top-notch meal and experience. That said, if they ever wanted to pay us, we would definitely barter for food over cash!

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