A Yacht, a Mountain, and America’s Coolest Small Town

IMG_8698-634-2Looking towards Town Marsh at sunrise

At first glance, Beaufort’s accommodation choices are pretty limited: a few small hotels, inns, bed & breakfasts, and a few vacation rental homes.

Earlier this year we started compiling notes taken over the years on places to stay in and around Beaufort.

We’ve written about some in our Beaufort Accommodations Guide – A Quick Introduction and Beaufort Accommodations Guide Part II – A Guide to Beaufort’s Small Hotels.

We had planned on posting a few more parts, maybe compiling it all on one page, and wrapping it up.

As we started to dive a little deeper into Beaufort’s accommodation choices, we discovered that the choices are anything but limited, and represent an eclectic mix of great places to stay!

We’re going to start featuring some of those choices.

Today we’ll begin with one of the most interesting accommodation choices in town:

The Everest!


Docked at the west end of Front Street just across from the Duncan House, the Everest is an 80-foot Italian-made San Lorenzo Motor Yacht. Her Captain, Dan Meggitt, and her first mate, Kelly Gordon, operate the Everest as the equivalent of a small floating inn or bed & breakfast.

Last week, Dan and Kelly were kind enough to ask me aboard for a tour and some great conversation about the Everest, Beaufort, and the future of America’s coolest small town.

Guests board Everest via a small set of steps near the rear of the yacht.

804431e1-87d5-4f6e-b245-aa7dab301f81-634Aft lounge area

When you step on deck, you’ll find the aft area a perfect spot for lounging with a half-circle of red-cushioned wicker couches, and plenty of room for fishing.

There’s also a small ladder to climb down to a swimming platform (that is if you can resist jumping from the deck!).

With the Everest’s distinctive blue lights just below the waterline, the platform becomes a great spot for after-dark fish watching.

10428543_664386713638217_748561904869015777_n-634Those cool blue lights…

As you move inside on the main level you’ll find a roomy salon with plenty of comfortable seating.

a19fe41b-6ac0-4b49-8193-522f28304cd1-634The main salon

As you enter the salon from aft, you see a set of descending steps to starboard. These lead to one of Everest’s four bedrooms…actually this one is more of a stateroom and is considered the VIP suite.

55ca8964-e5c2-4f66-89a4-201a9cb70743.1 (1)Got to love that shower

This room has a double bed and the coolest bathroom aboard, with a glass-encased shower stall. It may be the most private spot on board, as it is separate from the remainder of the sleeping quarters.

8f4eb58b-b888-45e6-9799-66b1264f7c75-634More seating in the main salon

Returning up to the main salon and moving forward, you’ll find a comfortable, classy, well-decorated, but not at all flashy or fragile interior.

9cd2ef54-0a4a-4a8f-8b9d-97430c24429c-634In the main salon

Better than that, it feels pretty homey and easy to slide into.

Forward of the main salon is the galley.

9af0b18d-37e4-467a-9860-a773503103ffThe galley

It’s a beautiful combination of wood and steel and is a step up from many home kitchens.

You’ll love the refrigerator, too.

172117e1-e493-4ec2-9e84-14be345423d0Another shot of the galley

Just forward of the galley is Everest’s main bridge.


When nobody’s looking you probably won’t be able to resist a quick test drive of the captain’s chair. I couldn’t.

Even with the galley on both sides of the Everest are doors to the deck passageways that lead both forward and aft.


Heading forward to Everest’s bow, you find a great place to enjoy the scenery but also a wonderfully cushioned built-in sun bathing spot.

We also understand from past guests that it’s an amazing spot to enjoy the stars after sunset.


You’ll also enjoy great views of Gallant’s Channel.

Back inside, next to the galley there’s a set of steps leading to the upper deck.

31e85723-11eb-49e7-a831-14bfe93941cf-634The top deck

The views are some of the best in Beaufort.

There’s a fly bridge area, but also a steel Jenn-Air grill, plenty of seating, and a large table to enjoy a meal with a view.




Heading back down to the main level, you’ll see another set of steps that leads to the lower deck and the three other bedrooms on board.

As you reach the bottom of the stairway, take a right and you’ll find the master stateroom.


It is unbelievably large with a king-sized bed, plenty of seating, and another extremely roomy bath with a shower.


Moving forward from the master suite and to the left just past the stairway is another bedroom with two singles and a bathroom with a shower – perfect for two kids.

Moving left from that bedroom, you pass a bath with a shower in the hallway and into the forward sleeping quarters, a comfy cabin with a double bed that will easily sleep 2.


These photos show you much of what you might expect from a yacht of this size and quality, but what they don’t show you is the feel of the Everest.

The Everest is Dan’s home, and while it is every bit as luxurious as it looks in the photos – more actually – the Everest has a lived-in, home-like feel that goes perfectly with Beaufort’s relaxed culture.

Dan and Kelly are also the perfect hosts.

They will welcome you on-board, get you oriented to the Everest and to Beaufort.

If you’re lucky, you might even get a few stories from Dan.


Both Dan and the Everest have great stories.

Dan is a modern-day adventurer. He has sailed he world solo and summited 5 of the 7 highest mountains on each of the Earth’s continents.

He acquired the Everest after his successful climb of the highest mountain in the world, Nepal’s Mount Everest. Dan named the vessel for the mountain.

After a few minutes on board, Dan and Kelly will feel like old friends.

However, once you’re settled in on the Everest they will slip off-board and allow you to begin getting the most from your time on Everest and in Beaufort.

To learn more about the Everest you can check out listings on Airbnb, VRBO, and Facebook. Make sure to check out the reviews from previous guests – they’re some of the best we’ve seen online.

You can enjoy a stay on Everest for $400 per night for a couple, with an extra $50 per person up to 8 guests. Use of Everest’s kayaks and snorkel gear is included.


Ready for a night on Everest?

You can reach out to Dan and Kelly through one of their profiles or you can drop Jennifer and I an email, or give us a call. We’ll get the ball rolling for you!

And don’t forget to:

Relax…you CAN get to Beaufort from here!

Full disclosure: Dan and Kelly were kind enough to offer me a night aboard the Everest when I visited last week.

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